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Salem lies at the heart of Oregon’s second-largest metro area, which includes the counties of Marion and Polk. As the capital, Salem’s largest employer is the state government, followed by the school district and the agricultural processing industry. The main thoroughfare connecting it and Portland is I-5 which, depending on the time of day can see a lot of traffic. Residents in the northeast part of the city see the longest commute times (but it’s only an average of 24 minutes). For drivers, there are many options for cheap insurance Salem agents have available.

The Cherry City

Salem, Oregon has a very convoluted history and has a rich culture attached to it.

Stretching along the Willamette River in the Willamette Valley, it has a rural presence while being a city of around 160 thousand residents.

Salem is also Oregon’s state capitol and head of government for the state.

The capitol building itself is set among the grass and flowers which give it a vibrant appeal.

When you live in Salem you know you are living somewhere special .

The weather can be a bit gloomy at times, but this keeps it green for most of the year and makes for a scenic view almost every day.

There are a few colleges that reside here as well making education a focus of thetown.

The Willamette University, Corban University and Chemeketa Community College are all residents of this great city.

Walk around the quaint downtown and see how historical this city actually is.

Get a great beer and burger, and settle into this American town of the west.

There are many 19th century homes along with a Victorian mill which are all beautiful and give character to the city.

Visit the Bush House Museum which is a large mansion built in the late 1800’s.

If you are a commuter in Salem or commute into the city from outside suburbia, note that you will want car insurance.

Maybe you have plans to settle down here and purchase a home.

You will want great homeowners insurance to protect your assets.

Get the cheap insurance Salem residents want and need now.

How Can I Attain Great Insurance In Salem?

The best way to get the cheap and awesome coverage you are looking for is to talk with a broker.

Get a quote for the kind of insurance you want and need by talking to someone who knows what they are doing?

A broker is a professional who can tap into their vast network of providers and find one just for you.

You will also want to become familiar with the laws of your state because every state is different.

Bundling your insurance policies with one company could help you shed dollars off of your monthly bill.

Remember that raising your deductible will usually decrease your premium.

Getting a great deal on insurance doesn’t have to take up much of your time.

Call and get your instant free quote.

Whether you are shopping for homeowners insurance or car insurance or life insurance, you deserve the best deals.

Let’s see what kind of policies you might be looking for..

Insurance Requirements Salem

Car Insurance

Car insurance is a must when you live in Salem.

Whether you are a commuter or just drive every once in a while, you need to be insured.

You will also need a valid drivers license and current registration on you when driving.

State laws in Oregon make it so that you are as safe as possible when driving in this great state.

When you are ready to purchase a great insurance policy for your car, talk with a broker who can get you great deals.

When you have a loan out on a vehicle or lease one, you will need to have full coverage.

Get the cheap car insurance Salem drivers need to feel safe on the road.

When you bundle car insurance with another insurance policy, you save.

The state of Oregon requires all drivers to carry the following coverage on their insurance:

Additional coverage requirements:

Here are some questions to ask yourself before getting insurance:

Facts that affect your rates: