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The Glass City


Toledo, Ohio is an industrial city sitting on the banks of Lake Erie.With just under 280 thousand residents, this town is large enough to have a strong, and growing economy all its own. But the people who live here have a small town vibe and they like it this way.

Most of the time you can find residents talking about baseball, eating great food or visiting one of the many attractions here in Toledo. The best way to become familiar with this city is to walk around and explore.

As you explore you will soon come to realize that glass and glass making is a large part of Toledo’s history.

Check out the Glass Pavilion at the Museum Of Art where you can see thousands of glass art represented. Walk down to the Maumee River and check out the Imagination Station which is a children’s museum. Families have been going there for years and it is a great way to bring people closer together while getting an education.

One main business that also supports Toledo’s economy is the automobile assembly businesses. Education and health care also make the top of the list for employers in this city. If you are visiting and looking for a great time, the food here is all- American and so are the people.

Hang out in the downtown are and see how beautiful this city actually is. Enjoy the nighttime views of the Lake where city lights sparkle as a back drop. Maybe you are looking to settle down in a community.

Toledo is a great place to do this. Many people settle here to raise their families because of the perfect size of the town and the many opportunities it brings. Whether you commute into the city for work or just drive around town, having great car insurance is a must. Maybe you are looking to purchase a home.

That would be a great investment. You will want homeowners insurance to feel secure when buying. Get the cheap insurance Toledo residents want to feel secure.

oledo is in northwest Ohio, at the western end of Lake Erie, well known as a city with an enthusiastic art community, auto assembly businesses, education, healthcare, and local sports teams. Toledo is also know for it’s many auto and glass industries, earning it the nickname, “The Glass City”. Downtown Toledo has recently supported significant redevelopment to draw residents and visitors. It hosts the Toledo Walleye ECHL ice hockey team, and the Toledo Crush of the Legends Football League, and is the site of live performances of musicians and bands, and World Wrestling Entertainment. Major local highways include I-75, I-80, and I-90, and are frequently congested with traffic. This makes it important to understand all the options for cheap car insurance Toledo has available, as well as any discounts you may qualify for.

The overall crime rate in Toledo is 96% higher than the national average, and in 2013, the city was ranked 89th out of the Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in America. There are a total of 674 Toledo police officers in Toledo, and the department includes an Investigative Services Division. This division has two main bureaus that specialize in property crimes, crimes against persons, sexual assaults, vice narcotics, gang affiliations, and crime scene evidence collection.  As with many parts of the Toledo Police Department, civilian personnel work side by side with sworn officers. A strong police force is important in order to lower crime risk and keep insurance costs down.

How Can I Attain Great Insurance In Toledo?

The best way to get insurance in the great state of Ohio is to talk with a helpful broker. A broker is a professional who knows the business that is indurance. They are there to answer any questions you might have and to save you as much money as possible. You can save by bundling your insurance policies with one insurance company.

When you are interested in getting the best deals, look no further than a helpful representative. Let’s see what kind of insurance policies you might want.

The Insurance Research Council has found that as many as 15% of Ohio drivers have failed to carry car insurance in recent years. Failure to present proof of insurance while driving results in immediate license plate suspension and a minimum fine of $500.

  • Ohio mandatory minimum coverage for bodily injury or death of one person in an accident is $20,000.
  • Ohio mandatory minimum coverage for bodily injury or death of more than one person in an accident is $40,000.
  • Ohio mandatory minimum coverage for damage to property of another person is $15,000.

The minimum coverage may be all the law requires, but Toledo is a highly populated city with very busy highways. This can put you at risk for more than what is covered by just liability. Car repairs and towing can quickly wipe out your savings, so consider adding these options for the best cheap car insurance Toledo can provide.

  • Collision
  • Towing and labor
  • Comprehensive
  • Rental reimbursement
  • Uninsured motorist bodily injury

Public Transportation In Toledo

Local bus service is provided by the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority; commonly shortened to TARTA.  Megabus also provides daily trips to Ann Arbor, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, and Pittsburgh. Toledo has various cab companies within its city limits and other ones that surround the metro. The number of people who take public transportation in Toledo is 60% lower than the national average.  Utilizing public transportation is highly recommend, because lowering the miles you put on your car each year can lower your auto insurance rates a great deal.