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Birthplace Of Aviation

Dayton, Ohio is known for its true Midwestern charm. With around 140 thousand residents, this town is close-knit and a gem of Ohio. People live here because they want a humble place where big things are happening. Called the birthplace of aviation for the invention and testing of aeronautical ideas. Mostly due to the Air Force base located in Dayton, much of the culture here is centered around the military. Dayton is the center for shipping, engineering and manufacturing in Ohio. Many people here make their living doing just that. If you aren’t a part of the military and live on base, then you are a contracted employee or work in the manufacturing world. Visiting Dayton can be a joy as well. You can visit the National Museum of The United States Air Force and understand a little more about our countries history. The Dayton city itself employs nearly 32 thousand people and has a yearly economic impact of 6.8 billion dollars. This is huge and is why Dayton is so financially sound. People tend to want to move here because it is a great place to raise a family and get a job. If you commute into Dayton for work, you will need great car insruance. Maybe you are hoping to settle down here and want to purchase a home. This would be a great investment for you and your family! You will want to have the vest homeowners insurance around to feel safe. Get the cheap insurance Dayton residents want to feel secure. Dayton is within Ohio’s Miami Valley region, and the county seat of Montgomery County. Average commute times in Dayton are on the rise. The area a logistical center for manufacturers, suppliers, and shippers, as well as significant research and development in fields like industrial, aeronautical, and astronautical engineering. The city is is also known for its many patents, inventions, and inventors that have come from the area, most notably the Wright brothers’ invention of powered flight. It is also known as one of the best places in the United States for college graduates to find a job. The Dayton region is primarily served by three interstates and 3 major State Routes. The current commute time to work is 21 minutes. and more time on the road increases the chances for drivers to experience an accident. Because it consistently ranks high in terms of job prospects for recent college grads, the the city continues to experience moderate growth, so this makes it very important to explore all the choices for cheap car insurance Dayton has available. The overall crime rate in Dayton is 109% higher than the national average, and property crime is 95% higher than the state average. There are a total of 415 Dayton police officers, which equals 2.9 police officers per 1,000 residents. This rate is 8.2% greater than the Ohio average, which has helped crime rates continue to decrease over the last few years. This also helps reduce insurance costs by keeping the risk of theft and property damage down.

How Can I Attain The Best Insurance In Dayton?

One of the best ways to attain great insurance in Ohio is to talk with a friendly broker. A broker is a professional who is trained in the insurance field and who works for you. When you speak with a broker you are speaking to someone who wants you to have the best policy possible. Whether it is car insurance or life insurance, you can bundle your policies to save money. You will want to know the laws of your state in order to better understand what you need. Getting the insurance you deserve means doing some research. Getting great discounts on your insurance might mean being a safe driver or taking safety classes. You can talk with a helpful representatives about your options. It should be easy to have the protection you want, and now it is. Don’t settle for mediocre. Let’s see what kind of insurance policies you might be looking for. The Insurance Research Council has found that as many as 15% of Ohio drivers have failed to carry car insurance in recent years. Failure to present proof of insurance while driving results in immediate license plate suspension and a minimum fine of $500.
  • Ohio mandatory minimum coverage for bodily injury or death of one person in an accident is $20,000.
  • Ohio mandatory minimum coverage for bodily injury or death of more than one person in an accident is $40,000.
  • Ohio mandatory minimum coverage for damage to property of another person is $15,000.
The minimum coverage may be all the law requires, but Dayton is a highly populated city with very busy highways. This can put you at risk for more than what is covered by just liability. Car repairs and towing can quickly wipe out your savings, so consider adding these options for the best cheap car insurance Dayton can provide.
  • Collision
  • Towing and labor
  • Comprehensive
  • Rental reimbursement
  • Uninsured motorist bodily injury

Public Transportation In Dayton

The Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority is a public bus system that services the city. In addition to routes covered by traditional diesel-powered buses, RTA has a number of electric trolley bus routes. The Dayton trolleybus system is the second longest-running of the six remaining trolleybus systems in the U.S., having entered service in 1933. Dayton also operates a Greyhound Station which provides inter-city bus transportation to and from Dayton. The hub is in the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority North-West hub in Trotwood.