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While the city’s boom might be slowing, there are still plenty of ways to find all the cheap insurance Las Vegas can offer. Knowing a bit more about your city can help you save money.

Despite the city’s reputation as a party city, the city is a much safer place to drive than many other US areas. However, those auto accidents that do take place can be pretty severe, especially in a city that boasts a 24-hour culture and attracts tourists by the millions. DOT research shows that around 40% of all car accidents in Las Vegas are caused by drunk drivers (with an average blood alcohol content of .51).

Perhaps as a result, the state of Nevada recently increased the penalties for driving without insurance. According to the DMV, there is no grace period for lapses in insurance coverage, and the fine for a first time offense isn’t cheap (it’s a $250 reinstatement fee). This fee can clime as high as $1,750 for repeat offenders with lapses of 181 days or more.

The Best Way To Save On Your Auto Insurance

The single most effective way to find lower rates is to get multiple quotes. This may sound like a no-brainer (especially coming from us!), but many consumers don’t take the time to re-shop their policy. Because rates are constantly adjusting, with new companies competing for your business, you could be throwing money away! We know that in the past getting quotes was a pain. You had to flip through the phone book, call agent after agent, etc. Now, with so many online tools at our disposal, it only takes minutes! All you have to do is submit your zip code, fill out some very basic information, and watch as the quotes come in. You will see comparison prices from many of the major national companies, and compare them to local Las Vegas agencies.

One More Tip

We get a lot of calls from customers who are moving, and want to see how their new neighborhood will affect their insurance rates. We thought it was worth mentioning that rates can very a great deal between zip codes and territories. This is due in part to crime rates, population density, or traffic concerns. For example, if you live in Downtown or Meadows Village you can expect to pay more for certain coverages than residents of East Las Vegas or East Lake Mead.