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St Louis

There are still ways to save in the city, especially when you look at the options for cheap insurance St. Louis has on hand. Each of the city’s 79 neighborhoods has its own demographics, traffic concerns, population density and other characteristics that influence insurance prices.

The crime index in St. Louis tops off at 892, 581 points higher than the national crime index. According to FBI data, there were almost 3,500 motor vehicle thefts in 2012. That, combined with the over 1.3 million commuters on the roads each day during rush hour, has led to St. Louis’ rising insurance costs.

Ways to Save

The #1 Best Way To Find Cheaper Rates

Shop for as many quotes as you can! You wouldn’t hire the first plumber that offers to fix your sink, right? Why settle for the first insurance company? This is especially true if you’ve been with your current company for longer than a year. Rates change all the time, so who knows if a new company might insure you for less?

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