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kansas City

The Heart of America

There’s a good reason Kansas City, Missouri is called “The Heart of America.” The city is near the country’s major population center andgeographical center. But there’s even more to love about KC. It’s a major jazz music hub, has casinos, amazing barbecue, and some of the best performing arts centers in the nation! The city has undergone extensive downtown redevelopment, with the purpose of attracting more and more tourism dollars. While this is great for the local economy, it also makes it harder for residents to find all the cheap insurance Kansas City can offer. This is because rapid growth causes insurance companies to restructure their rates more frequently.
If it’s been more than six months since you looked at your insurance policies, now is the perfect time. There is a great chance you’re on an older rating structure, so there is probably a cheaper option for you out there.

Facts about Kansas City

Kansas City is one of the nation’s earliest major cities. Founded in the 1830s as a Missouri River port town, the city was incorporated in 1850 after the establishment of the Kansas Territory. Since then its economy has shifted from transport to auto and drug manufacturing, to agriculture and business. The Federal Government and health care industry are now large employers, and contribute to the economic stability of its residents.

While we could talk about Kansas City all day, we know you’re here for insurance tips. So let’s break down the types of insurance available in KC, so you can get the deals you need.

Car Insurance

Maybe it’s because of the city’s auto manufacturing history, but we’ve found that KC loves its classic cars! There are tons of “joy ride” or “cruising” events, and various clubs to belong to. Most of you have a daily commute, but take some time over the weekend to take a road trip up and down the Missouri River. Just being around nature has a calming effect, which can help take the stress off your week. Thankfully Kansas City residents experience some of the shortest commute times in the nation, with an average of just 20 minutes! The rest of us get even more jealous when we think about the great options for cheap insurance Kansas City residents enjoy. Remember, the shorter your commute, the cheaper your rates!

We’ll talk about more ways to lower your car insurance, but first you need to know the basics.

Minimum Coverage in Kansas City

The state of Missouri requires certain minimum coverage, which obviously includes Kansas City. Here they are:

This coverage is pretty typical for other states, but doesn’t give you a whole lot of protection. Especially for you or your vehicle. To make sure you have proper coverage, we recommend some (or all) of these additions.

Let’s talk about discounts

There are many ways to save money, but the most effective is to take the time to find all the choices for cheap insurance Kansas City agents can offer. K.C. is the largest city in Missouri, with a population of close to 500,000 (2 million if you count the greater metropolitan area). The crime rate is about double the national average, with 3,500 automobiles stolen in 2012. Missouri doesn’t require comprehensive or collision coverage, but for any urban area with a higher-than-average crime rate, it is recommended (typically referred to as “full coverage”). To be sure your policy meets the legal requirements, head to our Missouri state guide.

The #1 Money Saving Tip

Comparing quotes from multiple carriers remains the most effective way to save money on your car insurance. The good news is that it only takes minutes. You don’t even have to pick up the phone. We just need your zip code to get started. By filling out some basic information you can see not only what the major insurance carriers will charge you, but also local agents in Kansas City.

Other Money Saving Tips