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Tech savvy residents know that it’s easier than ever to find the options for cheap insurance that Minneapolis has to offer. Because of the average education level of its residents, the availability of Wi-Fi, and local university research and development, the city has been called the “Top Tech City” in the U.S. (by Popular Science magazine). 400,000 people live in Minneapolis, the larger of the “Twin Cities” (St. Paul is the less populated, despite being the capital). Because of the city’s excellent transportation system, only about 40% of downtown workers commute by car. If you are one of the 40%, or just drive for pleasure, we suggest re-shopping your policy frequently so you always know you are getting the best deal.

What’s The Best Way To Shop For Insurance?

You can call around, look at listing on Yelp, or simply flip through the phone book. But who has time for that? Getting comparison quotes online as easy as submitting your zip code, only takes a few minutes, and is the absolute best way to make sure your rates are as low as possible.

Knowing What You Need?

While Minnesota requires specific liability limits on all auto policies, many people make the mistake of assuming that’s all they need. Or, in many cases, customers assume that anything extra will cost a lot. Here are some coverages that can offer a greater degree of financial protection, without breaking your wallet: