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Despite the city’s recent hardship, there are still many options for cheap insurance Detroit can offer. Many local community groups and non-profits have committed to revitalizing the “blighted” neighborhoods, hoping to attract new residents. While theft rates, particularly auto theft, remain high (close to 12,000 a year for car theft), traffic isn’t as bad as it once was, and insurance rates have been in continuous adjustment.

If you’re in need of new auto insurance, or want to see if you can save some money, here are some tips.

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It’s simple. Get as many quotes as possible before you buy. There are no tricks or hidden secrets. The best thing you can do is take a few minutes to shop. With online tools at your disposal, it only takes a few minutes and is as easy as submitting your zip code below! You’ll be able to see what the major brands will charge you, as well as agents in your area!

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