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Home of basketball (the sport was invented in the city), a huge number of innovations and inventions, and some beautiful architecture, Springfield, MA seemingly has it all! The greater metro area is the second-largest in the state, so you can expect a large number of drivers on the roads. In fact, every day there are over 350,000 commuters on the roads during rush hours. This increases the risk of traffic accidents a great deal, so if you’ve had some dings on your driving record you might want to explore the options for cheap insurance Springfield has to offer.

Springfield insurance-related facts:

  • Massachusetts as a whole has some pretty rigorous insurance requirements, including mandatory uninsured motorist coverage. These increased requirements set the baseline rates for the state, which are higher than the national average.
  • There were 760 stolen cars in 2012, but that rate has improved a great deal since 2003 (a high of over 2,500). This means that the rates for comprehensive coverage has been in continuous adjustment over the past decade. You should be paying less for the coverage now, especially if you have an alarm or other anti-theft device in your car.
  • Rates can vary by zip code and neighborhood. If you live in Forest Park you will pay different rates for some coverages than residents of Belmont or Dickenson.

Ways to Save:

  • Keep a clean driving record: This is probably the most obvious, but the Good Driver Discount is by far the biggest money saver.
  • Shop around! Getting comparison quotes is the best way to guarantee you are paying the lowest available rates for your coverage. Every insurance company undergoes frequent rate revisions so the price you pay today may not be the lowest tomorrow!