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Newton isn’t the largest city in Massachusetts (with a population of only 85,000 residents), but its proximity to Boston means it sees a lot of through traffic. Because it is only 7 miles away from the larger city it can be considered a “bedroom community” (meaning many of its residents commute out of the city for work). If you are a daily commuter to Boston, your rates have probably gone up. This is partly due to mileage and partly due to the increased risk of accidents. So it’s probably a good time to look over the growing number of choices for cheap insurance Newton has to offer. There’s a reason Money magazine has named Newton of the best small cities in the US.

Other ways to save money in Newton:

  • Taking public transportation can usually lower your annual insurance bill. The less miles you drive each year the more you save. The good news for Newton residents is that MBTA provides bus service and light/commuter rail throughout the city and into Boston.
  • The property crime rate in Newton is phenomenally low! There were only 16 cars stolen in 2012, which is one of the lowest rates we have ever seen. Even at it’s 10-year worst there were still less than 50 stolen cars. This is great news for drivers who carry full coverage.
  • If you have a college degree or work in tech (or any other highly-skilled occupation) you might want to ask your insurance company what discounts they offer. You can usually lower your premium with the professional/affinity/group discount.