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Lowell’s history places it at the heart of the American industrial revolution, and manufacturing and industry have been major parts of the city’s economy for almost two centuries. The population has seen many ups and downs as different businesses and industries close and open, especially since the ’70s. Lowell now has a large student population who attend the University of Massachusetts Lowell or Middlesex Community College. This growing number of young drivers also plays a part in how insurance rates are calculated. Young drivers pose the biggest claims risk for insurance companies, so the more of them there are on the road, the higher the average insurance cost will be. If you are a student or just a resident looking for a lower rate, take a few minutes to explore the many options for cheap insurance Lowell agents can offer.

Other factors that affect your insurance in Lowell:

  • Your neighborhood: Depending on where you live in the city, your premiums can vary a great deal. For example, Centralville will have different rates for liability and collision coverage than Downtown of the Highlands. This is something to think about if you are planning on relocating, or want to better understand why you are paying a certain price. Take a look at your neighborhoods crime rates, traffic patters, population density, etc. They all play a part in what you pay per month.
  • Crime: The crime rate is about average for cities of Lowell’s size. There were under 300 cars stolen in 2012 which isn’t too bad, and it should mean a fair rate for theft coverage (comprehensive).