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Lawrence has a population of around 76,000 residents and is one of the major cities in Essex County. It is also in a period of renewal and revitalization, with a lot of private investment bringing new residential and commercial development. These changes are leading many sources to anticipate a lot of growth in the coming years, especially as crime rates drop. Insurance companies are watching the city closely because these kinds of demographic and population changes mean the insurance rates will need to be adjusted. If you’ve already seen a change in the price you pay, or think you might be able to find a lower rate, we recommend comparison shopping. If you take a couple of minutes to look over the options for cheap insurance Lawrence has available, you might be surprised by how much you are overpaying for your coverage!

Quick facts about Lawrence:

  • Manufacturing plays a large part in the local economy, as does pharma and chemical production.
  • Depending on where you live in the city your rates may vary depending on your zip code’s population density. The zip code with the highest population density is in the north (01841), so the rates for liability and collision may be slightly higher there.
  • If you have to carry full coverage on your car (or simply choose to), keep an eye on the auto theft rates. The number of cars stolen in the city (almost 700 in 2012) plays a part in the price of your coverage. If you see the auto theft rates start to dip, it might be a good time to re-shop your policy. You might be able to get lower rates.