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Fall River

While Fall River is the tenth-largest city in Massachusetts, with a population of around 87,000, it attracts a lot of tourist traffic throughout the year. This can add a lot of drivers to the roads, and increases the risk of getting into an accident. Insurance companies use this date (along with other information) when determining your rates, so it’s good for consumers to know. If your rates have gone up, or you just want to re-shop your policy, we suggest you look at the options for cheap insurance Fall River can offer. The more you shop, the more you can save.

Did you know?

  • Much of Fall River’s tourist traffic is due to Battleship Cove, the world’s largest collection of WWII ships.
  • While the city started as a textile town and remained a manufacturing hub for much of its history, the city is taking strides to diverse its economy in order to curb the last decade’s population decline.
  • the city is a transportation hub for the South Coast and Mount Hope Bay regions, which increases the amount of through traffic. Congestion isn’t too bad though, unless there is construction or an accident on one of the bridges.
  • Property crime rates have fallen in recent years and in 2012 there were only 273 stolen cars (compared to 553 in 2002). This helps keep the cost of comprehensive coverage low, which is good news for drivers who are considering buying a new vehicle.
  • In general the southern half of the city has a greater population density than the north, so rates will be a bit higher if you live there.