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Brockton is the seventh largest city in Massachusetts with a population of around 94,000 residents. The city has a long history that stretches back to 1649 when the land was sold to Myles Standish. Like many East Coast cities, it was mostly a manufacturing town (one time the largest producer of shoes in the country), but was also the location of a number of early technological developments. For instance, it was the first city in the world to have an underground electric system. Music and amateur sports have also been important parts of the local flavor.

If you are a new resident, or have lived in Brockton your whole life, you know that insurance rates in Massachusetts can get high. Thankfully Brockton hasn’t undergone the same population booms/busts as other US cities, but the average price of auto insurance in the state has been rising. The best thing you can do as a consumer in order to save money is to compare all the options for cheap insurance Brockton can offer.

Some other Brockton facts that may affect your rates: