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As the sixth-largest city in Kansas, Lawrence has a population of 87,000 and is the economic anchor for the surrounding metropolitan area. Because of its proximity to Topeka and Kansas City, it also sees a fair amount of through traffic, as well as daily commute traffic inbound from the surrounding suburbs. This can greatly impact road congestion, as well as increase the risk of traffic accidents. It has grown steady since its start in 1860 in the pioneer days, and is thriving today due to its economic diversity. But with population changes come changes in insurance rates, so we recommend comparison shopping at least twice a year to be sure you are paying the lowest rate for your coverage. You can start comparing the options for cheap insurance Lawrence offers by submitting your zip code below!

Quick rating info about Lawrence:

  • The University of Kansas is the city’s largest employer, so it’s a bit of a college town. This means a lot of drivers will qualify for education and occupation discounts. Be sure to ask your agent which ones your carrier offers. They can be up to 15% in some cases!
  • Depending on which neighborhood you live in, you might be paying different rates for some coverages than your neighbor will. For example, living in Old West Lawrence might be more expensive for liability, whereas residents of Hancock or Breezedale might pay more for full coverage.
  • There were over 200 cars stolen in 2012, which means that comprehensive coverage rates are on the rise. This is something to keep in mind if you are shopping for a new car.