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An influx of high-tech jobs have helped Davenport’s population continue to grow. The cost of living also helps. In fact, Davenport is rated as one of the most affordable metro areas in the nation! This affordability extends to the low cost of insurance throughout the state of Iowa. If you haven’t re-shopped your policy lately, you might be surprised at the number of options for cheap insurance Davenport has available. Aside from its normal population, the city sees an influx of tourist traffic, especially during the city’s many festival weekends, and minor league sports games.

Davenport’s insurance issues:

  • Flooding is a problem in the city and can bring a rise in insurance claims during bad years. This is due to the city’s location on the Mississippi River. Comprehensive coverages pays for damage arising from anything other than collision (including flood and other natural causes).
  • There are four major interstates passing through the city which see a lot of shipping traffic. But because there are so many routes for commuters, the city doesn’t see a lot of traffic problems. The average commute time for residents is only around 20 minutes.
  • The southeast corner of the city closest to the river has the highest population density. This can mean slightly higher rates for certain coverages, so be sure to get multiple quotes for different areas if you are thinking of moving.
  • Crime has risen over the past few years. In 2012 there were close to 300 stolen cars in the city. Insurance companies use this data when calculating your rates for comprehensive coverage (property crime rates also affect homeowners and renters insurance rates).