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Parts of Cedar Rapids are still recovering from the 2008 flood, but the city’s economy is still strong and has been further diversifying over the past decade. Residents enjoy the over 3,300 acres of park and undeveloped green space. The cost of living is almost 10% lower than Iowa’s average, and over 13% lower than the nation’s. This extends to number of choices for cheap insurance Cedar Rapids has to offer. It’s easier than ever to find low premiums, especially if you take the time to comparison shop.

Other factors that affect your auto insurance rates:

  • Crime rates: The crime index of Cedar Rapids is about 50 points lower than the national average. There were over 250 stolen cars in 2012, which represents a slight increase over the previous three years. This means that insurance companies have been revising their rates for comprehensive coverage, so you might see slightly higher rates.
  • Commute options: Most residents drive to and from work, but Cedar Rapids Transit has a pretty good bus system that services most of the city. The city is also bike friendly, with an increasing number of commuters biking to work (especially between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids).
  • Population density: The 52402 zip code has the highest population density. This means that you can expect insurance rates to be a bit higher for drivers in that area. The more vehicles there are in a smaller area, the higher the rates get. This is because the risk of accidents increases.
  • Weather: Insurance rates in Cedar Rapids also have to take into account weather conditions. The accident rates increases in wet or snowy months, but if you remain accident free, you can usually expect your premiums to lower.