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South Bend

After South Bend saw a decline in its manufacturing industry, the city’s population dropped for almost thirty years. However it leveled off around 1990 and has hovered around 100,000 ever since. Today the main industries are health care, education and tourism (the city has a number of famous museums and theaters), with the largest employers being Notre Dame University and Memorial Health System. Because the population has remained so steady, the city doesn’t see a lot of changes in it’s average auto insurance rates. Still, if you want to save money the best way is to comparison shop. Be sure to look at all the options for cheap insurance South Bend can offer.

Other South Bend facts:

  • Because there are so many colleges and universities in the city, many residents will qualify for higher education discounts.
  • You can also get a discount for being employed by the government or the healthcare industry, so it’s worth calling your agent to see if you company offers either of these.
  • Commute times are low (averaging around 20 minutes) which means less time on the road. This decreases your claims risk and should mean lower rates.
  • Crime rates are dropping. Especially auto theft which saw a rate of 286 for the 2012 year (compared to over 500 in 2008). Comprehensive coverage, as well as homeowners and renters insurance are affected by property crime statistics.
  • The zip codes with the highest population density usually see slightly higher rates. In South Bend these include the 46616, 46615, and 46613 zip codes. If you are thinking about moving or relocating be sure to get quotes for multiple neighborhoods to see how your rates will change.