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Gary is the ninth-largest city in Indiana, with a population of around 80,000 residents (down from a peak of 178,000 in 1960). The mid-century boom was due in part to the steel industry, and there are still mill in town, but only employ a fraction of the residents that they use to. It looks like Gary’s population decline has started to slow, but these sort of rapid changes can have a huge affect on insurance prices. If you’ve experienced a rate increase in recent years, it’s probably a good time to compare the growing number of options for cheap insurance Gary has available. There are more and more companies competing for your business, which means big savings for drivers!

Quick facts about Gary:

  • There are a number of distinct neighborhoods in the city, including Downtown, Emerson, Miller Beach, and Midtown. Depending on the neighborhoods population and demographic statistics, including population density, crime data, traffic and accident rates, each neighborhood may have slightly different insurance prices.
  • The crime rate has risen in recent years, and the total number of stolen vehicles in 2012 was 775. This has a negative affect on the price of homeowners and renters insurance, as well as other coverages like comprehensive.
  • The Gary Public Transportation Corporation runs commuter buses throughout the city, with connections into Chicago. Commuter rail is run by the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District which connects Gary to Chicago and South Bend. So there are plenty of options for commuters who want to save money on their insurance by leaving their car at home during the week.