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Fort Wayne has the unique advantage of being a hub for all kinds of transportation and logistics. A number of shipping companies have distribution centers in the city, as well as support companies. On the other side of the automotive world, K&K Insurance is headquartered in the city (they insure the race cars industry!). While you might not need a  race car policy, there are plenty of other options for cheap insurance For Wayne agents can offer.

Here are some ways to save in Fort Wayne

  • Citilink has a number of lines that service the majority of the city, so if you can utilize public transportation, this can help you save money on your auto policy.
  • If you move, check the rates on a variety of neighborhoods. Some zip codes will offer cheaper rates than others for certain coverages. Cherry Hill or East Gate may have different rates than Waterford or Tamarak.
  • If you are thinking of purchasing a new vehicle, check to see if it on the list of commonly stolen cars in your city. Also be sure to check for recall notices.

No matter what you are looking for, by using our online tools, you can get a wide variety of quotes for any combination you can think of! This can be extremely helpful for determining your budget when deciding on big purchases or a move to a new zip code.

However, even if you’re not making any lifestyle changes, it’s still important to periodically compare your rates to new offers.

Getting comparison quotes is the easiest way to save money. By submitting your zip code and some basic information you can see the current rates for your individual needs. It only takes a few minutes, but can save you a ton of money!