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Fishers is one of the thriving suburbs of the sprawling Indianapolis metro area. It is growing at a high rate every year and offers great opportunities for its citizens. However, this rapid growth also means that insurance rates are constantly fluctuating as new statistical data comes in. The population went from 7,500 residents in 1990 to its present-day population of a little over 80,000! Part of that is due to the growing economy, and the city’s reputation for having a great quality of life and numerous job prospects. If your rates have gone up, or if you are a new resident, we recommend comparing all the options for cheap insurance Fishers can offer. Comparison shopping is the best way to find lower rates.

Quick facts about Fishers:

  • Transportation options continue to expand, with new interstate exists being constructed. The city is also building a series of traffic roundabouts which have been showing to decrease traffic accident statistics considerable, as well as improve the flow of commuter traffic.
  • A light rail system is in the first phase of construction, with plans to connect Fishers to downtown Indianapolis. Yet another piece of good news for commuters! The more you can leave your car at home on your daily commute, the lower your auto insurance rates will be.
  • Crime is low in Fishers too, which only adds to the city’s desirability. For example, there were only 27 cars stolen in 2012, which goes a long way toward keeping the rates low for comprehensive coverage.