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As the largest city in Southern Indiana, Evansville is the region’s trade and shipping hub. The city’s strong and diverse economy has helped it weather the economic crisis of recent years, and after several decades of decline, the population is once again on an upswing of growth. A number of annual festivals draw hundreds of thousands of tourists to the city each year, which can pose some traffic problems for residents. This makes it important to keep your insurance current. If you’re shopping for a new policy, be sure to compare the many choices for cheap insurance Evansville can offer.

Some facts about your town:

  • The crime rate is a bit higher than the national average, especially for cities of similar size. As a result, there were over 400 cars stolen in 2012, which is the most recent data insurance companies have available. This could mean a slightly higher rate for comprehensive coverage than you would find in other parts of the state.
  • The cost of living in the city is almost 12% lower than Indiana’s average, and close to 20% lower than the national. Housing costs are especially low, which helps keep insurance costs down.
  • Evansville doesn’t have many traffic problems, as there are plenty of major arteries for commuters to use. The only factor that plays a part is the amount of shipping transportation that comes through the city.
  • The 47714 zip code has the most population density, and will probably have higher liability coverage rates. That’s something to keep in mind if you are planning on relocating.