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Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights is technically designated a “village,” but with a population of over 75,000, it is a full-fledged city by anyone’s definition. The cost of living in Arlington Heights is 25% higher than the state average, and 24% higher than the national average. the median monthly income is $92,506 for those who own their own homes, and the median home price is around $317,600. It’s role as a suburb (“bedroom” community) for Chicago means that a good deal of the city’s traffic is outgoing during morning commute times, and incoming in the evening. This can pose some heavy traffic congestion and an increase in your accident risk if you are a daily commuter. So if you have seen your rates go up as a result, be sure to compare all the options for cheap car insurance Arlington Heights has to offer.

The overall crime rate in Arlington Heights is 68% lower than the national average, and the city is safer than 85% of the cities in the United States. There were only 17 cars stolen in 2012, and the overall crime index is less than 1/3rd the national average! Low crime rates mean lowe comprehensive coverage rates, as well as homeowners and renters insurance rates.

Arlington Insurance Requirements

If you work in education, the medical sector, technology, or even some labor industries you might qualify for additional premium discounts. These are usually referred to as “affinity” discounts, and are given for highly-skilled or highly-educated workers. Be sure to check to see if you company offers them.

  • Illinois’ mandatory minimum coverage for bodily injury or death of one person in an accident is $20,000.
  • Illinois’ mandatory minimum coverage for bodily injury or death of more than one person in an accident is $40,000.
  • Illinois’ mandatory minimum coverage for damage to property of another person is $15,000.

The minimum coverage may be all the law requires, but Arlington Heights has a large population, and lots of traffic. This can put you at risk for more than what is covered by just liability. Car repairs and towing can quickly wipe out your savings, so consider adding these options for the best cheap car insurance Arlington Heights can provide.

  • Collision
  • Towing and labor
  • Comprehensive
  • Rental reimbursement
  • Uninsured motorist bodily injury

Public Transportation In Arlington Heights

There are 2 airports and 5 Amtrak train stations within 30 miles of the Arlington Heights city center. Putting more miles on your car each year results in an increase in your liability and collision coverage rates. Some commuters avoid this by taking public transport, and Arlington Heights has plenty of options. The number of people who take public transportation in Arlington Heights is 26% higher than the national average.