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Meridian has grown to be the third-largest city in Idaho, with a population of around 80,000 (estimated as of 2012). It is also the fastest growing city in the state, with an estimated growth of over 80% since 2000. Much of that growth is fueled by the health care industry. This means a lot of residents can qualify for a number of additional discounts like the highly-educated or highly-skilled worker discounts. Most medical professions, as well as some unions and professional organizations also qualify drivers for discounts. If you aren’t getting the low rates you deserve make sure you compare the growing number of options for cheap insurance Meridian can offer.

Quick facts about Meridian:

  • There are a number of tourist attractions located in the city, including the Meridian Speedway, Roaring Springs, and Eagle Island State Park. The city’s “urban market” also attracts visitors during the summer months. This is all great for the local economy, but it does have the tendency to add some traffic congestion throughout the year, which can also affect your insurance rates.
  • There were only 20 cars stolen in Meridian in 2012, which is one of the lowest rates nationwide. This is great because it also helps keep the price of comprehensive coverage low.
  • The city is only 15 minutes away from Boise if there is no traffic. This means that many of the city’s residents commute out each day. Unfortunately there aren’t a whole lot of public transportation options so most commuters rely on their cars which also raises the average auto insurance rate.