Probably the most significant concern for drivers in Boise is the weather. A simple search for “driving tips in Boise” will result in dozens of articles on winter driving, or driving in the fog. It makes sense; winter driving is the most dangerous, but most Boise residents will tell you that their winters are actually quite mild (unless you’re from Arizona maybe). It is a good idea to be prepared though. Even one accident can take away significant discounts on your auto insurance. If you’ve had some bad luck, take a look at the options for cheap insurance Boise can offer. You should always take a look at new rates any time you have a change in lifestyle, driving history, or you move.

Factors That Affect Boise’s Insurance Rates

  • Commute patterns: This actually doesn’t affect you much in Boise, seeing as how there are less than 200,000 commuters on the road each day and only about 2 hours of “rush hour” (or what Boise considers rush hour). Driving during peak hours is only going to add 10-15 minutes of delay unless there is inclement weather or a severe accident. This helps keep Boise’s liability rates low.
  • Crime: Only 157 cars were stolen in Boise in 2012! For a city its size, that’s excellent. As a result, comprehensive coverage rates stay relatively low.
  • Neighborhood statistics: Even in Boise rates can very from zip code to zip code. The rates for certain coverages in Downtown are going to be significantly different that the rates in a neighborhood like the North End. This is good to keep in mind if you are planning on moving, as some customers find themselves surprised by rate changes after relocating.

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