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Savannah, the oldest city in Georgia, has a rich history, evident in its architecture, its culture, and its society. Driving through an of its streets rewards residents with views of old churches, cemeteries, trees draped in Spanish moss, and vintage homes. For the many tourists, there is shopping aplenty, numerous restaurants and attractions, and plenty of lodging. This, added to the fact that the port is the 4th-busiest in the nation, can add significant traffic to the major highways. This is one reason residents should make sure they have the coverage they need, at the lowest price. Thankfully, you can compare the many options for cheap insurance Savannah offers online, or over the phone, in just a few minutes.

Factors that affect your rates in Savannah:

  • Public Transportation: There are a number of options that are completely free for downtown commuters, but Amtrak and Chatham Area Transity also service the majority of the city. Commuters who opt to leave their car at home can expect to pay less for their auto insurance premiums.
  • Your neighborhood: Where you live in the city can affect the price you pay for certain coverages. For example, living in Ardsley Park or Monterey Square will mean different rates than living Downtown or in the islands.
  • Cost of living: Savannah costs about 7% less than the state’s average, and over 12% less than the national average. This is due to the drastic price difference between the older, historic parts of town, and the newer suburban sections.
  • Crime: Crime has been a problem for a number of years. Generally, the further you get from the major thoroughfares the worse it is. There were over 400 vehicles stolen in 2012.