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Roswell, with a population of around 88,000 is one of Atlanta’s largest and most affluent suburbs, as well as Georgia‘s eighth largest city. It’s population has almost doubled over the past 25 years, which means a lot of rate adjustments for insurance companies. While a full 41% of the population’s households make over $100,000, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and save money where you can. The best way to find lower rates is to compare the many choices for cheap insurance Roswell can offer.

Did you know?

  • It is one of CNN’s “Top 100 Places to Live in the US” (as of 2010). It also one of the top three cities in which to raise a family (according to Frommer’s).
  • The crime rate is low, and there were less than 100 cars stolen in 2012. This helps keep full coverage rates low.
  • Residents are advised to carry higher liability limits in a city like Roswell. Mainly because the average car value is higher in more affluent cities, so the chances of causing an expensive accident are higher. You definitely don’t want to be carrying the state’s minimum coverage if you rear-end a Lexus or a Tesla.
  • Residents in east part of the city probably pay slightly higher rates because of the area’s higher population density (this corresponds to the 30076 zip code).
  • Many of the suburb’s residents work in Atlanta, so commute traffic can be high along highway 19.