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Near the center of Georgia lies Macon, with a population of over 155,000 residents in its metro area (as of the 2010 census). Much of the local industry is centered on Retail and the Military (Robins Air Force base is nearby and employs a large number of Macon’s residents). There are also a number of festivals and fairs, including the Georgia State Fair which is held every May, and the 10-day Cherry Blossom Festival each March. Both of these events, and others, attract a large number of tourists to the city at various times throughout the year which can have a detrimental affect on local traffic. However, auto coverage rates aren’t too high, partly because of the options for cheap insurance Macon has available. There is a large number of insurance carriers doing business in Georgia, which means more competition for your business.

Quick Facts About Macon:

  • There are three interstates (I-16, I-75, and I-475) crossing through the city, as well a number of U.S. Routes and State Routes. This means a lot of options for commuters going in just about any direction.
  • The Macon Transit Authority runs bus lines throughout the city and the surrounding suburbs, but most commuters still choose to travel by car each day. This means an increased risk of traffic accident, as well as higher premiums (the more miles you drive every year, the higher your rates will be).
  • There were 500 cars stolen in 2012. While this rate has been dropping a lot in recent years, it’s still high for a city Macon’s size, so the rates for full coverage will be slightly higher as a result.