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Ocala is located in Northern Florida and is the seat of Marion County. Ocala is well known as a “horse capital” of the world and is one of only five cities in the world that the Chamber of Commerce has allowed to use this title. This accolade is based on how much annual revenue from a city is produced by the horse industry. Breeding, training, and related support of the equine industry, generates 44,000 jobs and over $2.2 billion in annual revenue. Ocala plays host to one of the largest horse shows in the country called “Horses in the Sun”. This event is a Dressage/Jumper event that lasts about two months. It also generates 6 to 7 million dollars for the Marion County economy every year. The cost of living in Ocala is 6% lower than the Florida average, and 7% lower than the national average. There are 4 major highways that pass through Ocala, including Interstate 75, U.S. Highway 27, U.S. Route 301, and U.S. Highway 441. This makes traffic congestion a common problem. The overall crime rate in Ocala is 106% higher than the national average, and property crime is 111% higher than the overall national average. Crime rates and cost of living are important factors in the cost of insurance, which makes it very important to explore all the options for cheap car insurance Ocala can offer.

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Public Transportation In Ocala

There is no airport in Ocala, but there are 3 Amtrak train stations within 30 miles of the Ocala city center, and major hubs for Suntran bus service. Suntran provides bus service throughout the city. Amtrak serves Ocala by bus to Jacksonville and Lakeland, and Ocala is also served by Greyhound Bus Lines. The number of people who take public transportation in Ocala is 87% lower than the national average. Using public transportation or carpooling is the best way to save mileage on your car, and money on your car insurance.