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North Miami Beach is located midway between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, and it’s central location provides visitors easy access to tourist sites in all of South Florida in less than 30 minutes. Haulover Park and Haulover Beach, operated by Dade County Parks and Recreation, has a well-known clothing optional beach, which is one of the biggest attractions in the vicinity of North Miami Beach. The area includes a line of popular ocean beaches. Only 11% of North Miami Beach residents live and work in North Miami Beach, which means more time is spent traveling to nearby towns. More time on the road increases the chances for drivers to experience an accident. Insurance actuarials consider things like commute times, and average miles driven when setting policy costs. Find the best rates for cheap car insurance North Miami Beach with a FREE quote now. The cost of living in North Miami Beach is 1% higher than the Florida average, and 1% lower than the national average. Goods and services in North Miami Beach are 5% higher than the Florida average and 5% higher than the national average. The overall crime rate in North Miami Beach is 54% higher than the national average. These are important statistics that can influence the cost of your auto insurance. This makes it very important to understand all the options for cheap car insurance North Miami Beach has to offer, as well as any discounts you may qualify for.

Public Transportation In North Miami Beach

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There are 2 airports and 5 Amtrak train stations within 30 miles of the North Miami Beach city center. The Miami-Dade County public transportation system provides daily countywide service, with over 900 buses. More than 100 routes offer express bus service from north and south Miami-Dade County, service to all Metrorail and Tri-Rail Stations, and local and limited-stop service. The average travel time to work in North Miami Beach is 22% higher than the national average, so utilizing public transportation or carpooling is a good idea if you live in North Miami Beach.