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Colorado Springs
Known colloquially as “The Springs,” Colorado Springs is just about an hour drive south from Colorado’s state capitol, Denver. Home to close to 700,000 people, residents have many ways to find the programs for cheap insurance Colorado Springs can offer. Cost of living is slightly lower than the national average, and the crime rate sits just above average (pretty good for a major city), so insurance rates are cheaper than in most major U.S. cities. If you own a car in “The Springs” you probably know Colorado’s insurance requirements, but in case you’re a new driver (or just want to save money), we put together a quick guide help you lower your rates:

Cost-Saving Tips

#1 Best Way To Save Money

Take a few minutes every few months to get online comparison quotes. Now it’s as simple as putting in your zip code and filling out some very basic information. Most major insurance companies will give you instant quotes for a variety of coverage options, and you can even get rates from local Colorado Springs agents.