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Whittier is located in Southern California, within Los Angeles County. The city is named for the Quaker poet John Greenleaf Whittier and is home to Whittier College. Whittier has a population of 87,318 and, like many Los Angeles cities, it sees a great deal of traffic congestion. This can increase the risk of being involved in an accident, so it is worthwhile to take the time to find all of the options for cheap car insurance that Whittier can offer. Experts recommend doing this twice a year (at least) to ensure you are always paying the lowest rate for the coverage you need.

About Whittier

A Spanish land grant of 300,000 acres was given to Manuel Nieto as a reward for his military service and to encourage settlement in the area. Nieto purchased cattle and horses for his ranch and also planted cornfields. The area was also known as a thriving citrus ranching region, with fruit being shipped all over the United States. Later, walnut trees were also planted, and Whittier became the largest walnut grower in the United States. Whittier grew quickly after WWII, and orange groves and walnut groves were made into housing developments.

Whittier has many historical landmarks and entertainment attractions. The largest single-location cemetery in the world, Rose Hills Memorial Park, is located at the edge of the city limits.

Driving In Whittier

There are any bus routes operating in the city including Metro, Foothill Transit, Montebello Bus Lines and the Norwalk Transit. Metro Bus line 270 runs through North, Uptown and West Whittier, and the Sunshine Shuttle serves Whittier and the unincorporated communities of South and West Whittier.

The San Gabriel River Freeway (I-605) runs along the northern end of the city. State Route 72 runs via Whittier Boulevard and forms part of El Camino Real.

Auto thefts were up in 2014 to 306, from 253 in 2013. but the overall crime rate is about the same as the national average. The average commute is 30 to 40 minuets, and most people drive their cars alone to get to work. These are all good reasons to make sure your car insurance is up to date with the most complete coverage.

Whittier is a city in Southern California located in Los Angeles County. Whittier is really a suburb of Los Angeles which means there are some pretty unique things to do in Whittier. They have various parks and museums that anyone can choose from. To give an example about a museum is King Richard’s Antique Center. They have some pretty neat things inside that are worth the drive if you live a good distance away. 

Whittier is also a good place to live if you want to move there full-time. Whittier has plenty of community activities , some superb neighborhoods, and a great economy which appeals to everyone from entry level workers to retirees. The median home cost is around $567,000 which isn’t too bad for a California home. Most residents that live in Whittier own their own home. The surrounding cities to Whittier are also pretty good as well. Some of them are Anaheim, Los Angeles and Glendale. With those 3 cities alone you will essentially never get bored if you are a resident in Whittier. This city gives you a nice suburban feel with some good amenities.