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Westminster is located in Orange County, California surrounded by Garden Grove, Fountain Valley, Seal Beach, and Lakewood. Founded in 1870 by Rev. Lemuel Webber, its name is taken from the Westminster Assembly of 1643, which laid out the basic tenets of the Presbyterian faith. Early on, the farmers refused to grow grapes, because grapes were used for making wine, or alcohol. Now, it is one of the area’s most culturally diverse cities. While the economy is based largely in retail (Westminster Mall), the largest employers are the Westminster School District and Southern California Edison. Many of the city’s residents commute into the surrounding LA area for work each day, so residents should explore all the available options for cheap car insurance that Westminster can offer. Doing so at least twice a year can help ensure you are paying the lowest available price for your coverage.

About Westminster

The earliest settlers were the Oak Grove people who occupied the land over 8,000 years ago, then by the Gabrieleno Indians, who moved in from the desert and numbered over 200,000. Diseases such as measles, smallpox and diphtheria reduced the Indian population. In 1492 Large land grants called ranchos were awarded by the King to induce colonization of the continent. The district was surrounded with wild Spanish cattle, hogs, and horses were rounded up and domesticated for riding and for work. In the 1890s Dairy farming was the principle source of income for many ranchers.

After WWII, most of the land had been developed into residential zones and new construction was replacing some of the older dwellings. The 1970’s were a prosperous decade for commerce, and the Westminster Mall was built, housing 180 shops.

Driving In Westminster

 The crime rate in Westminster is below the national average, and the fatal accident rate is about the same as the state average. The city is close to Interstate 405 and Highway 22, making it a central hub for business traffic. Commuting can be frustrating, so make sure you have plenty of coverage on your car insurance.