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Walnut is a suburban city located in the eastern part of Los Angeles County in California. The crime rate is less than half the national average, but fatal car accidents are the same as the state average. There are many high value homes ranging in size from 1,800 to 11,200 square feet. The Walnut Valley Unified School District is one the top public school districts in Southern California. The city has a high cost of living and is part of the very popular San Gabriel Valley. Residents should explore all the options for cheap car insurance Walnut has available.

About Walnut

In the early 1800 the Spaniards developed the first ranchos, and introduced agricultural development. The most commonly grown items were wheat, grapes and fruit trees, and they also developed many cattle ranches. The city gets its name from one of the ranchos, Rancho Los Nogales, which means ranch of walnut trees in Spanish. With the improvements in irrigation in the 1890s, fruit and nut orchards were planted and wheat was no longer a major crop. Pears and walnuts were the significant crops grown in Walnut until 1950, when agriculture stopped being an important economic factor. Commercial development and major freeways evolved by 1985, making the area more valuable for housing developments than agricultural production. Now the main industries are health care and manufacturing, with management and sales related jobs being the most common occupations.

Driving In Walnut

The City of Walnut is located near the intersection of the 57, 10, and 60 freeways. LAX and Ontario International Airport are both within a half hours drive. The city has plenty of public transportation to take advantage of. Keep the mileage on your car low, and save money on car insurance by checking out these options for commuting.

Foothill Transit subsidized pass information
MTA (EZ Pass) subsidized pass information
Metrolink subsidized pass information
Park & Ride Lot and Carpool

Amtrak – (800) 872-7245
Foothill Transit Zone – (626) 967-3147
Los Angeles International Airport – (310) 646-5252
Metrolink – (800) 371-LINK
Ontario International Airport – (909) 937-2700
Pomona Valley Transportation Authority – (909) 596-7664
Walnut Way Dial-A-Cab – Membership Information – (909) 595-7543
Walnut Way Dial-A-Cab – (Membership Card required) – (909) 594-1284

Housing Trends in Walnut 

Walnut is a very home owned type of community but some people do rent their properties and some live in apartments. The average rent for an apartment in Walnut is $1,852 and that is a 6& decrease compared to the previous year. There is no apparent reason why it decreased so much that does look good for people looking to rent in the area. The average size for an apartment in Walnut is around 900 square feet which is good for an average of a community. When it comes to paying rent each month, 69% of people pay $1,500-$2,000 which does align with the average. 

The housing market in Walnut is somewhat competitive. Some homes get multiple offers and homes that are desirable can sell for about 2% above listing price. 87% of people own their home and the rest rent their property. The average home price is around $795,000 which is a tad high for first time home buyers. Homes that aren’t as desirable sell for about list price.