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The population of Tracy was 85,841 in 2014, making it the second most populated city in San Joaquin County, California. Interstate 205 on the north side of the city, Interstate 5 to the east, and Interstate 580 to the southwest, form a geographic triangle around the city. “Think Inside the Triangle” is Tracy’s motto. Although Tracy has a crime rate that has always been below the national average, car theft increased by over 30 thefts from 2013 to 2014. The number of fatal car crashes in Tracy are just a fraction of the state average. Car crashes still happen however, so residents of Tracy should take some time to explore all the options for cheap car insurance that are available.

About Tracy

 Tracy is one of the few California cities that did not start with the building of missions, but with the construction of the railroad. In the mid-19th century Central Pacific Railroad lines ran from Sacramento through Stockton and to the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s convenient location drew a number of small settlements to grow along the lines. Lathrop J. Tracy was one of the railroad directors, and one of the settlements was name for him. The city incorporated in 1910 and was a very successful agricultural community that continued even after the railroad stopped operating. The city continued to grow at a steady pace from the 1950s all the way to the 1980s. Many people moved from the city because they wanted more affordable homes and more county peacefulness.

Most of the employment of Tracy is in construction and manufacturing, and the city has an unemployment rate that is lower than the state average.

Driving In Tracy

Tracy is served by several bus services, including Tracer, San Joaquin Regional Transit District and six commuter services. The West Valley Mall serves as a major commuter hub to BART and to jobs in the South Bay.

Interstate 205 connects to the nearby Interstates 580 and Interstate 5. Business Loop 205 runs through the center of Tracy and the State Highway 33 is southeast of Tracy.

A lot of Tracy’s traffic is due to its convenient location between three major highways. This makes it the ideal distribution center for much of California’s shipping traffic. If you live in Tracy, or are just passing through, make sure you have adequate car insurance coverage, especially liability and collision.