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Thousand Oaks

Thousand Oaks was named for the oak trees that grow in abundance in the area. It is part of the greater Los Angeles area and only 35 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. The crime rate of Thousand Oaks is so low it’s almost off the map, over 50% lower than the national average. Even so, the fatal accident rate is about the same as the rest of the nation. Most residents drive their own cars to work, very expensive cars mostly. These conditions make it all the more important to spend the time to find cheap car insurance that will have enough coverage to take care of any possible accidents.

About Thousand Oaks

Many pioneers migrated to Thousand Oaks during the 19th century. The settlement was an official stop on the stagecoach route between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Around this time the Janss family purchased 10,000 acres of the land here, and began planning a total community in the Conejo Valley where Thousand Oaks lies. The plan included around 1,000 custom homes, a 200 acre industrial park, a shopping center, and 2,000 single family homes.

Biotechnology, electronics, aerospace, telecommunications and healthcare are the basis for the city’s economy. The city leaders are very focused on maintaining the natural environment and exclusiveness of the the area. More than 15,000 acres are devoted to open space with more than 75 miles of trails. Thousand Oaks is one of the wealthiest cities in the nation, with almost 10% of its households earning close to $200,000.

Driving In Thousand Oaks

Highway 101 and State Route 23 run through the city connecting it with Los Angeles and Ventura. Thousand Oaks Transit has shuttles and buses that service the area and the surrounding communities. The city is very focused on preventing outward expansion, and new construction is only being done where there are in-fill sites. The average travel time to work is only 10 minutes, but given the high income levels of most residents, maintaining the best car insurance available is very important.

Thousand Oaks is surrounded by the most beautiful hills and valleys that southern California has to offer. There are plenty of parks and hikes that you can do in this city. To give an example, Paradise Falls is a great hike with the waterfall at the end of the trail. This is a great morning to afternoon thing that you can do. Another thing that people seem to enjoy is the Gardens of the World. When you go to visit this place, you will get to see some great architecture along with some amazing, colorful flowers. The architecture of this place comes from all parts of the world. When you walk around this garden you feel nothing but peace. 

Thousand Oaks has a great suburban feel and most people own homes. The city has a lot of great shopping, coffee shops, and things along those lines so you will never get bored. Another huge point to live Thousand Oaks is that it is one of the safest cities you can live in so it is a great city to raise a family. The standard of living is quite ideal. The location of the city is very nice too. Being close to the beach and major cities is always nice if you want to do something that is out of the box. 


Housing Trends

The average rent for an apartment in Thousand Oaks is $2,190, a 3% increase compared to the previous year. The average square feet is around 978. The apartments in Thousand oaks are known to be some of the nicest. Located in a suburban area, the apartments are really clean and you are pretty close to the beach but you have to drive through a very curvy canyon. 72% of people who rent their properties pay more than $2,000 each month. 

The housing market on the other hand is somewhat competitive. Some of the popular  homes get multiple offers and they can sell for about 1% above listing price. The average home price in this area is around $789,000. It all depends on what part of Thousand Oaks you are looking in. In this city, some areas are way more expensive than other areas.