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Santa Ana

Santa Ana is located 10 miles away from the California coast next to the Santa Ana River. It is a very densely populated city with over 18 million residents, ranking 4th nationally. Santa Ana is also ranked 4th nationally for being one of the safest cities that have populations of 300,000 or more. Founded in 1869, the city is part of the greater Los Angeles Area and the second largest metropolitan area in the United States. As with most high population cities, the cost of living is high, so it is very important to find cheap car insurance that covers every possible contingency.

Santa Ana is close to the Santa Ana Mountains, and is infamous for the santa ana winds that have created historic seasonal wild fires all throughout Southern California. It is located on flat, low plains that do not have much elevation change. The Santa Ana River runs through the west end of the city and has caused several severe floods during the 20th century.

There are a number of interesting attractions to visit in Santa Ana, including the Santa Ana Artist’s Village, which was created around Cal State Fullerton’s Grand Central Art Center, to attract artists, young professionals, and new businesses. Santa Ana has several distinct districts, including the downtown area, which contains both retail and housing, as well as the Santa Ana Civic Center. The civic center has a dense campus of administrative buildings for both the city and the county of Orange, as well as being home to the Ronald Reagan Federal Building and Courthouse.

Driving in Santa Ana

Driving anywhere in Orange County can be a nightmare. While not as bad as L.A., there are still plenty of opportunities to pick up traffic tickets in Santa Ana. CHP officers seem to outnumber the trees sometimes! Most insurance professionals agree that California’s basic coverage isn’t adequate for living and working in this city. The rising cost of automobiles, body-shop repair, and health care means you should carry more than basic insurance. Almost 25% of drivers in California don’t have insurance, so Uninsured Motorist Coverage is one of the most critical coverages to maintain.

With unique climate induced events, like fires and floods, it is important to find the right insurance for residing in Santa Ana. In addition, there are tons of discounts that many consumers don’t know about. Did you know that some companies will offer you a discount for being a member of a credit union? Experts recommend you review your insurance policy every 6 months to make sure you are getting the best and most complete car insurance available.