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San Ramon
San Ramon is a suburban city outside San Francisco with a population of around 74,000 residents. It is home to a number of national corporations, and is know for its high-ranking schools. There are also a number of annual festivals (including the famous Fourth of July Picnic) which attract a lot of travelers from throughout the Bay Area each year. As with most of the Bay Area, traffic is unpleasant, as is the average price of auto insurance. But by taking a few minutes to compare the options for cheap insurance San Ramon offers, you can probably save more money than you might think. Insurance companies review their rating structures at least once a year. For larger cities like San Ramon (especially suburbs of large metropolitan areas like the Bay Area), this means that rates can change frequently. This is why we recommend re-shopping your auto insurance policy at least twice a year (or each renewal). Doing so can help guarantee that you are always getting the best deal on your policy. San Ramon’s crime rate is much better than some other Bay Area cities. For instance, there were only 67 cars stolen in 2012. This helps keep rates for comprehensive coverage down, and the overall property crime rate in the city helps keep homeowners and renters insurance rates down. This is important in a city where the Housing price index is almost 150% higher than the national average (the overall cost of living index is 50% higher than the national average)!      

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