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San Leandro

San Leandro is in Alameda County, California, located on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay. San Leandro’s temperate weather also makes it an excellent place for outdoor recreation. With an average temperature of 62 degrees and average rainfall of 19 inches per year, outdoor activity at any one of the many City parks is possible all year round. San Leandro’s crime rate is far higher than the national average, and the number of fatal car accidents are significantly higher than the California average. Smart drivers should take a few minutes to look over all the options for cheap car insurance that San Leandro has available.

About San Leandro

San Leandro was first visited by Europeans on March 20, 1772, although the Ohlone people and their ancestors had inhabited the area as early as 2500 BC. The city also has Portuguese population dating from when immigrants began settling in the city in the 1880s, establishing farms and businesses. In the late 1800s and earlly 1900s, San Leandro became famous for its delicious cherries. In 1909, San Leandro held its first Cherry Festival to celebrate the abundant cherry harvest. This is an event which was is still celebrated today.

San Leandro was one of a number of newly made suburban cities in the post-World War II era that had restrictive covenants, which prohibited property owners from selling to African Americans and other minorities. The United States Supreme Court, in Shelley v. Kraemer, later declared such covenants unenforceable by the state. By 2010 the city had a much more diverse and balanced population.

The city’s economy was largely based in food processing, but over the years has attracted a number of major corporations, including a Coca-Cola plant and The North Face. A new training center for “Zero Net Energy” electricians opened in 2013 which has attracted a number of students and job-seekers.

Driving In San Leandro

Leandro is served by the Interstate 880, 580 and 238 freeways and is situated right in the middle of these highways, making it a major traffic center. Public transportation is provided by the Bay Area Rapid Transit BART District and San Leandro LINKS, as well as the local bus, AC Transit.

As a bedroom community to San Francisco and Oakland, San Leandro sees a lot of commuter traffic throughout the day. Residents should review their car insurance policy every six month to make sure they have the coverage they need.