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When it comes to ranking some of the best golf in the world, San Diego is certainly at the top of the charts with some of the most unique and pristine golf courses. To give an example, Torrey Pines is the top golf course San Diego has to offer. Their website is easy to maneuver and all the information about the course and how to book a tee time is all there right in front of you. It also gives you the latest updates about the course and what condition it is in. To make the course even more credible, the PGA tour hosts a tournament there annually where the greatest golfers in the world come and compete for a better ranking and a grand prize.

Renting and Living in San Diego

The average size for a San Diego apartment is 877 sq. ft, but this number varies on unit type, with cheap and luxury versions alike.  The average cost for a studio for example is around $2,237. San Diego is the ninth most expensive big city for renters. With that being said, it is actually cheaper to rent than to buy a house in San Diego which is quite surprising. The prices for rent in San Diego are up almost ten percent from last year. So the only ultimatum you have when it comes to either renting or buying in this city is how long you’re going to live there.   Most home sales experts are predicting a slump in San Diego home sales in 2020. However, with a growing economy and an increasing number of homes for sale, it could be a great window of opportunity for home buyers ready to purchase a property.