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Napa is the largest city and the county seat of Napa County, California. Just North of San Francisco, it is the second-largest city in California’s Wine Country. The city has a crime rate below the national average, and fatal car crashes are few, only a fraction of the state average. The first commercial winery in the county was established in Napa in 1859. The city is now known throughout the state as being the center of California’s wine industry. People travel from all over the country to visit the wineries and there are a number of bed and breakfast’s that do great business throughout the year. Napa has become a primary business and economic center for the valley, so residents should make sure they have the best protection by looking at all the options for cheap car insurance Napa has to offer.

About Napa

The location of early settlements in Napa were chosen because it was at the uppermost point of a river. This made it a natural trade and transportation center for agriculture, commercial, and industrial goods. The first steamboat navigated the Napa River from San Francisco in 1850, and steamboat traffic continued until the railroad was built in 1868. The town grew into a busy establishment, with a theater, a jockey club, and about forty other buildings.

Once known for it’s tanneries and prune processing, Napa is now popular for its fine food and luxury hotels. The economy of early Napa centered around industrial pursuits and shipyards. Today the economy is mostly based on tourism.

Driving In Napa

The city also has a number of highways and state routes that pass through it, adding to traffic density. The Oakland International Airport is 50 miles to the south, and the Sacramento International Airport is 65 miles northeast. CA-29 runs through Napa, as well as CA-12. Interstate 80 and US-101 also service the area.

The most common mode of transportation to work is a personal vehicle, chosen by over 75% of the population. More cars on the road mean a higher chance of an accident, so make sure you have adequate car insurance coverage.

The Beauty in Napa

When it comes to Napa, wine is always in the same sentence. They have many different prestigious wineries you can tour. Some are more expensive than others but they all have the best quality in wine. Napa doesn’t only consist of wine though as you can take a historic kayak tour of the  Valley.  A tour guide will accompany you on this tour and they will give you a unique perspective on the Northern California Region. 

Let’s talk about the main attraction that Napa has: the wine! Napa has dozens of wineries that you can choose from. It is great for all people (above the age of 21 of course) to enjoy. Any occasion will simply do for wine tasting. A recommended tour is the Napa wine train with a gourmet lunch. The train offers a great 3 course meal and wines from Napa that you can choose to eat with your lunch. The city is quite gorgeous as well. Flush with green grass and grape vines. Go check out Napa, if you have never been, you’re missing out on a very beautiful place. 

Housing Market in Napa

The average rent for an apartment in Napa is $2,209, a 6% increase compared to the previous year, when the average rent was $2,086. That is a pretty substantial increase from a year-to-year perspective. The average size of apartments are around 919 square feet. Over 65% of people that are renting their apartments are paying more than $2,000. 

The average home price in Napa is at $680,000. The housing market is usually healthy which means that there is an equal amount of buyers to sellers almost year round.  Being surrounded by lush green wineries, Napa is a very unique place to live.