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Marysville is the County Seat of Yuba Count\y, and is one of California’s historic cities. It’s history as a community goes back to the Gold Rush days. The city is strategically located 40 miles north of the state capitol of Sacramento where Highways 70 and 20 intersect. Since these two highways are the only main roads in and around Marysville, traffic and accidents can be a problem. Make sure you have all the coverage you need by checking out all the options for cheap car insurance Marysville has available.

History of Marysville

Many cities in California began as land grants from the Mexican government. Marysville is one of these cities, and began a a collection of ranchos that primarily raised livestock. During the gold rush era, Marysville was a stop over point for riverboats carrying miners on their way to the mines. Soon brick buildings, mills, iron factories and machine shops were built. By 1857 Marysville was a prospering city and one of the largest in California at that time. The banks in Marysville shipped over $10 million in gold to the U.S. Mint in San Francisco.

Marysville is now one of the leading agribusinesses of California. The economy is also strong in retail sales, manufacturing, rice farming, and mining. Beale Air Force Base nearby is significant to the employment of Marysville. Many people are attracted to the area to enjoy hunting, fishing, boating and many other outdoor sports.


  • Marysville is served by two highways. California State Route 20 California State Route 1, California State Route 70, and U.S. Route 395.
  • Yuba County Airport is located three miles southeast of Marysville. It has two runways and is mostly used for general aviation.
  • Bus service is provided by Yuba Sutter Transit.

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