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Los Banos

Los Banos is in Merced County, central California, and located in the San Joaquin Valley, near the junction of State Route 152 and Interstate 5. Fishers, hunters, birdwatchers and other recreational users flock to Los Banos year round because of its extensive national and state game refuges. This results in lots of traffic congestion, which means a higher risk for accidents, multiple tickets, or even a DUI. In 2014 there were 121 fatal accidents in the county, and 60 DUI arrests. If you have any of these violations on your record, it is very important that you understand all the options for cheap SR22 insurance Los Banos has available.

SR22 insurance must be maintained for three consecutive years. If you are nervous about driving during this time, you should consider using public transportation. Taking a bus or train instead of your car will insure that you do not get another ticket or citation, and will also save mileage on your car. The Bus, Merced’s Regional Transit System are operating on 20 fixed routes with another set of buses providing Paratransit service. The Bus carries approximately 1,000,000 passengers per year.

Facts About Cheap SR22 Insurance Los Banos

An SR22 provides proof to the DMV that you have the amount of liability coverage required by the state of California. The California Department of Motor Vehicles requires an SR 22 filing for drivers who have had their license suspended. Examples of situations which may result in a temporary license suspension requiring an SR22 filing include, but are not limited to:

What To Do If You Need SR22 Insurance