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Livemore is located in Alameda County, California. Livermore is the most populous city in the Tri-Valley, with an estimated population of 86,870 in 2014 . Livermore is located on the eastern edge of the San Francisco Bay Area. Livermore is the location of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the city is named after the periodic table chemical element livermorium. Research and technology are prominent in the city, and the median income is over $90,000. The crime rate is significantly lower than the national average, but the rate of fatal car crashes is only a little below the California average. The city is located at the cross roads to the bay are, so traffic can be very heavy. Residents of Livemore should take the time to explore all the options for cheap car insurance that the city has available.

About Livermore

Before 1840 the area that is now Livermore was occupied by Native Americans and missionaries. They let cattle roam free and received income from cattle hides and tallow. In 1840 Robert Livermore moved his family to the valley acreage granted to him by the Mexican government. He was only the second non-Indian to settle there, and was interested in horticulture and agriculture just as much as cattle and horses. Cattle could only provide so much, so he planted vineyards and orchards of pears and olives. In 1847 Americans took control of California and soon after gold was discovered. Livermores ranch was along the miners route, and he made his fortune selling cattle to the hungry miners.

The population grew as many settlers took advantage of the good climate and gravelly soil to grow wine grapes. Several outstanding wineries developed, and drew even more residents. In 1942 the U.S. government bought over 600 acres of land and built the Livermore Naval Air Station. After WWII, the Atomic Energy Commission was given the air station for use by the University of California’s Radiation Laboratory for the study of nuclear energy. This lab and Sandia National Laboratories are now Livermore’s biggest employers.

Driving In Livermore

Interstate 580 is the city’s primary freeway. I-580 travels around Livermore to interstate 5. I-580 and I-5 are the main routes for truck shipping traffic from San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles.

The WHEELS bus system operates in Livermore, and has connections to Bay Area Rapid Transit(BART) stations. Livermore also has two train stations, and the Transit Center has a free parking garage and connects to the WHEELS bus system.

Livermore is a busy technological hub and a thriving suburb, with over 75% of the population driving their own cars to work. If you are planning to visit the city or relocate, make sure you have adequate car insurance coverage.