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Huntington Beach

The City of Huntington Beach is located along the Southern California coast in Orange County, 35 miles south of Los Angeles and 90 miles north of San Diego. Commute times in Huntington Beach can average up to 30 minutes. The more time you spend on the road, the higher your chances are for an accident, and that can impact your insurance rates. Take time to look at all the options for cheap car insurance that Huntington Beach can offer.

With its long history and culture of surfing, the city is widely known as “Surf City USA”. Every summer the beach hosts the world surfing championships, attracting tons of surfers and surf lovers. The consistent quality of the surfing waves are enhanced by a natural effect caused by the edge-diffraction of open ocean swells around Santa Catalina Island. Every day is a beautiful day in Huntington Beach. If you are getting ready to spend a day at the beach, you can take a look through the live video feed to see what your beach conditions are for the day before you arrive.

Huntington Beach offers residents a thriving yet laid back community with ideal weather, a diversified economy, good jobs, a wide variety of housing, and an excellent educational system. One favorite hot spot is The Huntington Beach pier which was built in 1904 and was originally a 1,000 foot-long timber structure. The U.S. Open of Surfing is featured on the south side of the pier. The downtown district includes an active art center, a colorful shopping district, and the International Surfing Museum.

Facts About Huntington Beach

  • The median income in this beach city is around $80,000 which is good news since the cost of living is 42% higher than the national average (high by even California standards).
  • Huntington Beach sees a lot of traffic, especially tourists and surfers. Not to mention all the people that just want to cruise PCH. If you’re driving by the beach, stay alert. There will be a lot of pedestrians and a lot of slow-moving vehicles.
  • The biggest employer in the city is Boeing.
  • DUI checkpoints are common, especially around the beach. The Huntington Beach PD has taken a lot of steps toward lowering the DUI rate.


How to Save

Like every other Southern California town, things can get expensive. And hectic! Keep your driving record clean and car pool or use other city transportation when you can. Also, taking a few minutes every 6 months to get your car insurance updated with the latest discounts can really help you save over time.

Experiences in Huntington Beach 

At Huntington Beach, there are plenty of things to do and see. It is a perfect little getaway from home. If you are visiting from out of the state, then you will not be disappointed. As you already know, Huntington Beach is surf city, so with that, they offer private surf lessons. You get taught how to surf by professionals. The time of the lesson is about 2 hours and the best part is that there is no age restrictions. Surfing is a very hard thing to do so don’t expect yourself to be a pro in just one session. 

During the season, a very popular tour takes place and that is whale watching. Some things to expect on this nice excursion is that it will take about 3-5 hours. So make sure you plan ahead on your day. During the time, you’ll get to see some amazing views of some beach towns along the Orange County Coastline. Also, you will experience some amazing marine life such as some amazing fish,dolphins, and whales. This is a great activity for you and your family should experience. 

Huntington Beach is known for its shopping. The city has about 4 malls to choose from but the mall closest to the pier is really nice. Points Plaza has a wide range variety of what you need and want when it comes to shopping. Close to Huntington Beach is the famous Fashion Island which is one of the largest open-air centers in the country. If you are looking for something unique or mainstream, Huntington Beach has got you covered. 

Renting on the Beach 

In Huntington Beach, the median rent is around 1,542-5,000 depending on the size and how many beds and baths that are desired. This is quite expensive but you are living in California’s most prominent beach city. Now some of the most popular neighborhoods in Huntington Beach are Goldenwest, Washington, Yorktown, and Garfield. These areas are really nice and unique in their own ways. 

The average apartment size is around 873 square feet which is a tight fit but everyone has their own preferences. The most affordable places to live in Huntington in Huntington harbour, Adams, and Bolsa Chica. The renters on average are paying around $1,900 which is expensive but the location really plays a huge factor.