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Glendale is located 10 miles north of downtown Los Angeles at the junction of two large valleys, the San Fernando and the San Gabriel. It is the third largest city in Los Angeles County and the 23rd-largest city in California. The Glendale Galleria is a large outdoor shopping mall that draws a lot of traffic to the area. Being a part of LA County means there’s also a lot of traffic, crime, and a high cost of living. This makes it important to save where you can, so check often for the many cheap car insurance discounts and options available in Glendale.

This historic L.A. suburb has a lot to offer,  from wildflower hikes and bike rides by day, to wine bars, jazz, and dinner and a show by night. Forest Lawn Memorial Park is famous for its art collection and the burial of many celebrities, including Humphrey Bogart, Sammy Davis Jr., and most recently Michael Jackson. The memorial park opened in 1933 and was the first funeral home on cemetery grounds anywhere in the United States.

Tips For Lowering Your Insurance Costs

Did you know that many CA companies offer discounts for being members of credit unions, professional, or labor organizations? There are also discounts for having post-high school degrees.

There are a lot of public transportation options, but they can be slow since LA County was largely designed around the car. However, if you can use public transportaion on your daily commute, this can lower your annual insurance costs a great deal by lowering the number of miles you put on your car. Keep your driving record clean. Traffic tickets generate a lot of revenue for the state, so there is a heavy law enforcement presence on California’s highways

Many California companies adjust their rates bi-annually, effecting certain cities and territories each time. The best way to be sure you are always paying the lowest available rate is to get a new car insurance quote every six months.

Glendale is a city in Los Angeles County. With being so close to one of the major cities in arguably the world, means that there is plenty to do. Glendale has a notorious mall that people go to when they are in the area or to get some pretty important shopping done. It has it all from entertainment, shopping, and food. It honestly has all the stores for every fashion guru. Glendale is also home to some pretty cool parks. A perfect afternoon with anyone while strolling through one of the many parks seems like the most ideal situation. Not too sure if pets are allowed but who is really going to care, everyone loves dogs. To cap off this attraction list would be the museum of neon art. The glowing signs offers some amazing photo opportunities for your Instagram or any other social media platform that deserves the attention. 

Now living so close to Los Angeles, the cost of Living in Glendale is quite expensive. The average home cost can range from 850,000 to 950,000. California living is like no other but you definitely have to pay for it. Glendale is also a really safe city which is also accounted for in its cost of living.