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Eastvale is one the newest cities in Riverside County, with a population of 57,016 in 2014. Part of the Inland Empire region of Southern California, Eastvale is a city located near the Interstate 15 and California State Routes 91, 60, and 71, making access easy for residents, visitors and businesses alike. Since the city was only incorporated in 2010 there are not many statistics available. It does have a crime rate significantly below the national average, although 120 cars were stolen in 2014. Because it is located in such a high traffic area, residents should take the time to explore all the options for cheap car insurance that are available in Eastvale.

About Eastvale

Like many cities in Riverside, the area was first inhabited by the Tongva people for over 8,000 years. In 1834 the land had been taken over by the Mexican government. By handing out land grants to wealthy and influential Mexican politicians, the government hoped to encourage colonization of the area. Farming and raising livestock were part of the most successful ranches, called ranchos. California became the 31st state in 1850, but Riverside County was not created until 1893. It was a rural community with mostly dairy and produce farms until the late 1990s. Orange and Los Angeles began to be a little overpopulated, so people started moving outward seeking affordable housing in the less crowded Riverside area. Eastvale didn’t really develop until the mid 2000s, and then, like everywhere else, it was hit hard by the subprime mortgage industry. Home prices dropped over 50% in just three years.

The city is now making a comeback, with eight newly constructed schools and thirteen parks. The city has a very diverse population, and the businesses reflect that, which makes living in Eastvale a culturally enriched experience. The economic industry is now focused an public administration and construction. Most of the employed population in Eastvale are working in management and sales.

Driving In Eastvale

Interstate 15 and California State Routes 91, 60, and 71, are all easily accessible from Eastvale, making it central to major transportation options, including trucking, rail, and air shipments. The Ontario International Airport is also close by. The younger population and newness of the city will be attracting more and more people, so residents and visitors should make sure their car insurance is up to date with all the coverage and discounts available.

Eastvale is a city located in northwestern Riverside County California. Eastvale is an up and coming city that has some rich history behind it. It was a huge dairy town up until the last 5-10 years. Its rich dairy history originated in 1893. Since Eastvale is a somewhat new suburban town, the things to do in this city are limited. But there are some things that people seem to enjoy though. They have this popular escape room place that is good for people that are all ages that are interested in solving riddles or puzzles. 

When Eastvale started to become a more suburban city, a lot of families relocated there from the surrounding cities. It is a very clean city and safe city. The cost of living is on the higher side though. It is above the California average. The average home price in Eastvale comes out to around $650,000. If you are financially stable to live in Eastvale then go for it. It is a great place to live and raise a family.

Housing Market

Eastvale is an up and coming community that offers a lot of new things to explore. The housing there is nothing but newer complexes and homes that people would want to live in. The average rent for an apartment in Eastvale is $1,664 and that is a 3% increase compared to the previous year. Rent and home prices are only going to rise in this area as more people start to move there. The average size for an apartment in Eastvale is around 884 square feet. 

36% of people who pay rent in Eastvale pay $1,500-$2,000 which is the average for this area. The housing market in Eastvale is extremely competitive. Many homes get multiple offers and homes can sell for about 1% above listing price. Homes that are really desirable can sell for 2% above listing price.