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Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa is located in Orange County, California. What began as a semi-rural farming community is now a suburban city. Much of Costa Mesa’s economy is centered around the retail industry, and the city’s South Coast Plaza brings people from all over Orange and Los Angeles Counties. The Orange County Fair happens at the fairgrounds in Costa Mesa each July. The Fair receives more than one million visitors each year. All this adds up to high amounts of traffic congestion, so if you are a resident or visitor to Costa Mesa, take the time to find all of the options for cheap car insurance that Costa Mesa can offer.

About Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa is located 37 miles southeast of Los Angeles and 88 miles north of San Diego. The first inhabitants of Costa Mesa were native American Indians.  Spanish settlers came to the little town of Harper, named after a nearby rancher, and began an agricultural community. The grew sweet potatoes, corn, tomatoes, strawberries and apples. Building and oil drilling industries were also just beginning to bring new growth to the city.

World War II brought many thousands of people to the area for training at the Santa Ana Army Air Base, located on what is now the Orange County Fairgrounds. After the war the population continued to grow, expanding by 4 times as many people in only 3 decades.

Costa Mesa today is a major commercial and industrial center of Orange County. The city adopted the slogan “The City of the Arts” in 1999 and is home to the Pacific Symphony and the South Coast Repertory Theater. Next to the fairgrounds is the Pacific Amphitheater, in which Madonna, Jessica Simpson, Steppenwolf, Kelly Clarkson and many more have entertained thousands.

Costa Mesa has changed from a quiet suburban community with deep farming roots to a world-class city featuring some of the best restaurants, retail centers, and cultural arts in the nation.

Driving In Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa is served by several bus lines of the Orange County Transportation Authority. Two freeways terminate here, State Route 73 and State Route 55 (also known as the Costa Mesa Freeway). The San Diego Freeway, Interstate 405, also runs through the city.

The city has a lot of white collar and blue collar professionals. Some companies offer discounts for being a member of a labor union or other professional group. You can also usually get car insurance discounts for having a post-high school education of some kind, or even being a member of a credit union!

Attraction in Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa is a city in Orange County. Back in the day, the city used to be filled with some rich farmland but now has boomed into a unique suburban landscape. Since its economic boom, Costa Mesa opened up a lot of activities to the public. Also being located close to the beach, the things you can do get a little more interesting. There are also a lot of connecting things you can do from Costa Mesa. For instance, you can pay for a full day wine tour that departs from Costa Mesa and you end up in Temecula and get to taste a selection of their locally aged wines. Also another one would be a trip to West Hollywood and there are plenty of attractions over there. Costa Mesa also offers a lot of shopping. What seems to be the best mall in that area is the South Coast Plaza. Has plenty of options to fit any style that is preferred by the shopper.

Living in Costa Mesa can be expensive due to its prime location and nice, clean amenities. To give some numbers the average home cost in Costa Mesa is around $800,000. Due to this fact, most residents rent their homes. Also the crime rate is relatively low compared to the rest of the cities in California. Costa Mesa will give you a safe place to live, that diverse community , and also a nice suburban feel.

Rental Market in Costa Mesa

The rental properties in Costa Mesa are quite expensive due to being so close to the beach. The average rent for an apartment is $2,137, a 3% increase compared to the previous year. The reason why the rent increases from year to year is because the landlords can do that in the most desired areas and Costa Mesa is no exception to the increase of rent. 58% of people pay more than $2,500 for their rental properties.

In cities like these you have to search for the most affordable living. Looking up the different neighborhoods that fit your needs is key to finding that place that you’re searching for. If that place is found, living in Costa Mesa gives the experience of being close to everything you can ask for.