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Burbank is located in Los Angeles County in Southern California, 12 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. While Burbank has a population of only 105,368, the city is home to a large number of media companies (including Warner Brothers and Disney) because of its proximity to Hollywood. This means the city sees a lot of incoming commuters during the week, as well as a number of travelers heading into and out of the Bob Hope airport which can cause many traffic problems. Traffic congestion is an excellent reason to take a few minutes to look over the all choices for cheap car insurance that Burbank can offer.

About Burbank

As with most west coast cities, Burbank began as part of a large Spanish land grant. The real history of the City began when a New Hampshire dentist headed west, bringing with him thousands of other Americans seeking new opportunities. Dr. David Burbank purchased portions of ranches in 1867. He combined them into a large ranch where he raised sheep, built a ranch house on what was later Warner Bros. back lot.  He knew that bringing in the railroad would increase the value of his ranch so Dr. Burbank sold the Southern Pacific Railroad a stretch of right-of-way for one dollar. The first train passed through Burbank on April 5, 1874. Because of its location and available space, Burbank’s continued growth was tied to aviation and entertainment. Lockheed Aircraft Company purchased a piece of Burbank farmland and built a plant for the production of its planes. The motion picture business also moved to Burbank in the 1920’s. On October 23, 1927, motion picture history was made when Warner Bros. released the first all-talking movie, The Jazz Singer, starring Al Jolson. Other companies soon followed, including Columbia Pictures and the Walt Disney’s company. Burbank has a rich cinematic history with hundreds of major feature films have filmed in Burbank. One of the most famous was in 1942, starring Humphrey Bogart. The movie began production a few months after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. Due to World War II, location shooting was restricted and filming near airports was banned. As a result, Casablanca> shot the film’s famous airport scene on a foggy Moroccan runway created on a back-lot stage where Bogart’s character doesn’t fly away with Ingrid Bergman. Entertainment has generally replaced the defense industry as the primary employer in Burbank. Now known as the “Media Capital of the World,” Burbank maintains its long standing relationship with Warner Bros. and Disney and is also home to hundreds of media and related support companies such as ABC, Cartoon-Network Studios, Nickelodeon Animation, Yahoo!, Clear Channel, and other post production, film processing, special effects, equipment rental and related businesses.

Driving In Burbank

Burbank is easily accessible by and can easily access the Southern California freeways via the Golden State Freeway (I-5), and the Ventura Freeway. Metrolink and Amtrak provide rail service through the city, and the Burbank Bus has routes for commuters as well. In addition, California’s High-Speed Rail line will include a stop near downtown Burbank. In 2006, Burbank opened its first hydrogen fueling station for automobiles. The projected California High-Speed Rail route will pass through the city and include a stop near Downtown Burbank. The train will connect the San Francisco area to Los Angeles, traveling at speeds up to 220 mph. Crime rates and the number of fatal accidents are both below the national average. There are an estimated 100,000 workers in Burbank each day, which far exceeds the number of residents who are of working age. This means that the city gets a large influx of drivers every day, so it is important to review your car insurance policy every six months to make sure you are covered for a variety of circumstances. Check out our car insurance quote comparison for Burbank drivers.


Housing Market in Burbank

Living in Burbank can be quite expensive, especially when the rent each year goes up. The average rent for an apartment in Burbank is $2,431 and that is an 8% increase compared to the previous year. The average size for an apartment is 799 square feet which is quite small. The average price clearly depends on where you are looking in Burbank and what kind of apartment you are looking at. When it comes to paying rent every month, 65% of people in Burbank pay $2,000 or more. You are definitely paying a lot to live in this area and that is why it is really nice.   When it comes to the housing market in Burbank, it is super competitive. Many homes get multiple offers and most of them sell above listing price. The average home price is at $928,000 which is quite expensive.