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Brea meaning “tar” in Spanish, is a city in Orange County, California with an estimated 2015 population of 41,944. The city of Brea is an important retail center because of the large Brea Mall and the newly re-developed Brea Downtown. Brea has an extensive public art program which began in 1975 and has been used as a model and inspiration for many public art programs across the United States. Average commute times in Brea are significantly high. Only 23% of Brea residents live and work in Brea, which means more time is spent traveling to nearby towns. More time on the road increases the chances for drivers to experience an accident. This makes it very important for residents to take the time to review all the options for cheap car insurance Brea has available.

Cheap Car Insurance Brea Facts

  • Residents of the Golden State are encouraged to explore all the options for cheap insurance
    Brea has on hand, especially considering the state’s high cost of living.
  • California follows a tort system for automobile accidents, meaning the state must name a
    participant as being at-fault. The at-fault party is then required to pay all damages resulting from the accident.
  • Bodily Injury coverage requirements are a minimum of $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident.
  • Property damage liability minimum requirements are $5,000.
  • Uninsured Motorist coverage is  required, but insurance company’s required to offer it, and explain the coverage to consumers.
  • The California DMV has an excellent website, with tons of information for consumers, including guides to registering your vehicle or purchasing insurance.

    Public Transportation In Brea

  • The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) operates a comprehensive public transportation system for the city of Brea. There are several key routes intersecting at the Brea Mall. There are also two express routes, utilizing the 57 Freeway to connect Inland Empire riders all the way to either Santa Ana or the Irvine Spectrum
    Brea is a city that is located in Orange County and is an ideal place to live. Today, Brea is a city that is thriving with population at 41,000. The crime rate is well below the California average so Brea is a great city to raise a family and flourish. With Brea being a safe city means that there are plenty of things to do that everyone will enjoy. Carbon Canyon Park offers some great hiking trails. The Hike has a lot of redwood trees which is quite rare in southern california. The park also has great picnic areas that you can take advantage of.

Also, Brea has a great and massive mall that people come from great distances to shop at. They even have a mini Tesla dealership inside of which is pretty cool because you can check out the latest models. Like the size, the mall has a lot of variety when it comes to your shopping needs. They also have several restaurants and a food court with your classic food court style foods. Brea is a great city that appeases any type of lifestyle you have. It is nice and safe which isn’t the worst combination that a city could have.


Housing Trends

The average rent for an apartment in Brea is $1,881 and that is a 4% increase compared to the previous year when the average rent was $1,807. The average size for an apartment in Brea is around 813 square feet. 56% of people who rent, pay between $1,500-$2,000. Brea is mostly made up of homeowners. 

Brea’s housing market is very competitive. The average price for a home is around $773,500 which is on the more expensive side for first home buyers. Many homes get multiple offers and homes can sell for about 1% above listing price. Living in Brea gives you a taste of what Orange County living is like.